Full List of Pearson Catalyst for Education 2014 Challenges

The following list provides opportunities and challenges that Pearson is looking to partner with startups to address.


1. Mobile Math Input

Startup: Mathspace

Help Higher Ed students learn and complete math assignments on the go. Build an easy to use solution which enables input of mathematical expressions on mobile devices using a stylus or finger, without requiring a specialized input pallet.


2. Indexing Training and Open Jobs

Startup: Clearfit

Create a solution which matches skills with future employment opportunities and validated by digital badges. The solution should be able to index skills, qualities, employers, and careers while introducing new ways of joining up all this information.


3. Data Visualization Solution

Startup: GlassLab

Create a tool to visualize and communicate data related to learners, specifically captured by teachers. This tool should support teachers and parents in assessing learner profiles and guide their educational decisions.


4. English Language Learning Game

Startup: Learning Games Network

Develop a solution that enables young adults and teens to learn and practice English – using gaming methods – so they can measurably improve their English skills.


5. Performance Based Assessment: How well do you slice an onion?

Startup: Sesame

Create a mobile app to allow instructors to assess the performance of skills against a rubric, from cooking skills to professionalism.


6. Critical Reading: Focus, Duration and Comprehension

Startup: Actively Learn

Increase student engagement in critical reading. Create a customer-facing toolset that captures and reports on critical reading processes to provide students and instructors more insights into their reading habits and related performance.


7. 3D Visualizations for Developmental Psychology

Startup: Verold

Create an interactive educational experience around Developmental Psychology content. Create a series of dynamic 3D visualizations that grab the attention of students and help them more deeply engage and learn foundational concepts.


8. Teaching Computer Science in Schools

Startup: CodeMonkey

Help educators effectively teach computer science in the K12 classroom. Create a simple, structured, self-paced product that teaches the fundamentals of coding to kids through challenges, projects and rewards.


9. Learning Outcomes Rubric & Data Platform

Startup: Forall Rubrics

Assess students based on 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Create a digital rubric and cloud-based, data intelligence platform that is mobile first – one that scales student-centered teaching and learning models, including competency-based education.


10. Standards and Scales Curriculum Mapping

Startup: LearnMetrics

Better understand the different ways students are taught around the world. Create an application that collects data on the academic standards of different countries and generates dynamic reports that identify like-standards across countries.


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